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A sparkling wine’s dosage or liqueur d’expedition is often communicated as a number—grams per liter of sugar—yet it’s not about sweetness. Here’s why

As a new edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine launches, editor Jancis Robinson, MW, discusses the impact and evolution of this monumental resource, 30 years on

Despite its high quality and good value, South African wine still represents a fraction of the wine imported into the U.S. market. Why? The complex answer stretches back decades

Shifts in traditional educational bodies and a wave of new resources have improved access to wine education—but is it enough?

Regulatory and climatic changes are putting vintage at the forefront of Cava production, giving the Spanish sparkling wine a whole new level of complexity

In recent years, more attention has been paid to the challenges women face in the beverage alcohol industry. Reviewing the progress women have made—and why there’s more work to be done

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